The Early Formation and Evolution of Yi-ology


at Shandong University, Jinan, China 山東大學 濟南 中國
October, 13-16, 2011


Organized by

The Center for Zhouyi & Ancient Chinese Philosophy at Shandong University
and the Chinese Association for Zhouyi Studies


and the Korean Association for Zhouyi Studies

Contributions by the Consortium

  • Prof. Dr. Michael Lackner 郎宓榭教授: 另類的科學: 民國時期的中國傳統相術與西學
    Another Science: Traditional Chinese Mantic Arts and Western Knowledge in Republican China
    (Presentation in Chinese)
  • Martin Doesch, M.A.: 邵雍 (1012-1077) 的易
    The "Yi" of Shaoyong
    (Presentation in English)
  • Xiaokun Song 宋曉堃, M.A.: 《葬书》中的周易因素
    Elements of the Zhouyi in the "Book of Burial"
    (Presentation in Chinese)
  • Prof. Dr. Klaus Herbers: 占卜者和術士: 他們在歐洲中世紀中期的名聲 (12-13 世紀)
    Diviners and Magicians: Their Reputation in Central-Medieval Europe (12th-13th Century)
    (Presentation in English)
  • Prof. Dr. Charles Burnett: 伊斯蘭和西歐的骨占和沙士占卜
    Scapulimancy and Geomancy in Islam and Western Europe
    (Presentation in English)

Conference Topics – Overview

  1. Lianshan and Guizang – two early series of hexagrams paralleling the Zhouyi series –《连山》《归藏》文本
  2. The traditional process of compilation of the "Zhouyi" – 《周易》经传的成书
  3. Exemplary patterns of Gua, Yao, and Ci, the divination records of hexagrams and lines  – 卦爻辞的训释
  4. Introduction to the numerology of the hexagrams – “数字卦”诠释
  5. Research on divination – 卜筮研究
  6. Explanatory reading of bamboo and silk documents related to Yi-studies –  简帛易学文献解读
  7. The relationship between Confucius and Yi-studies – 孔子与易学的关系
  8. The formation of Yi-studies and Chinese philosophy – 易学与中国哲学的形成
  9. The development of Pre-Qin (221-207) Yi-studies – 先秦易学的流变
  10. The basic appearance of Early Han Yi-studies – 汉初易学的基本面貌
  11. The rise and development  of Yi studies from ancient times to the present – 今古文易学的产生与发展
  12. Western astrology and astronomy – a comparison of the different methods of divination– 西方的占星术和天文学:预测方法之对比


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