Documentary: An Astrolabe in Focus (2016)

Length: 7min 41sec

Dr Thomas Eser speaks about the huge and unique collection of astrolabes at the Germanisches Nationalmuseum Nuremberg, which is the biggest one in the German speaking area. These astrolabes are from different periods. The astrolabe showed in the documentary was designed by the mathematician Johannes Praetorius for Melchior Ayrer, a physician in Nuremberg. In the 1560s, he collected scientific instruments.
In the second part of this documentary, former Visiting Fellow Dr Josefina Rodriguez Arribas explains the different components of an astrolabe and their function. She shows that these devices are not only for scientific use, but also pieces of art.

Keywords: IKGF, Video, Art, Medieval Studies, Science, Astrology, Astrolabe, Josefina Rodriguez Arribas, Thomas Eser
Speakers: Dr. Josefina Rodriguez Arribas, Dr. Thomas Eser
Language: German (with English subtitles), English
Nature of Event: Lecture
Customer: IKGF
Producer: Dr. Hans-Christian Lehner
Camera: Roman De Giuli, Daniel Augustin, Sofia Ramisch, Lisa Walleit