7 September 2016: Symposium at Fudan University in Shanghai


Wednesday, September 7th, Fudan University, Shanghai

First Academic Symposium on Fate-Calculation in China


The first academic symposium on the topic of fate-calculation in China was held on September 7, 2016, at Fudan University in Shanghai. The organizer Prof. Xiong Yuezhi, who is a former visiting scholar of the Käte Hamburger Center in Erlangen, emphasized in his welcome address the close ties between the research at the Erlangen Center and the contributions of the Fudan symposium. The gathering met with great interest; for more information, see the schedule and the pictures below.




Photo Gallery

Symposium Fudan University

The organizer of the symposium, Prof. Xiong Yuezhi

Symposium Fudan University

Prof. Michael Lackner presenting his paper

Symposium Fudan University

Participants of the symposium 1

Symposium Fudan University

Participants of the symposium 2