Lecture Series Winter 2020-21


Lecture Series Winter 2020-21





4 Nov 2020 Virgin Mothers and Hell-Bent Sons: Daoist Rituals for Delivering Mothers from Blood Lake Hell
Jessey Choo (Cultural History of Medieval China; Rutgers University–New Brunswick)

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10 Nov 2020 Resonances and Repercussions of Kepler’s Harmonices Mundi (Harmony of the World, 1619)
Günther Oestmann (History of Science; Technical University of Berlin)
24 Nov 2020 Divining the Future and Averting Misfortune in Japan: The Case of Shugendō
George Klonos (East Asian Religions; IKGF Visiting Fellow)

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1 Dec 2020 The Emperor’s Dragon Form: Physiognomy and Appearance Politics in Early Ming China
Lex Jing Lu (East Asian History and Gender Studies; Clark University)

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15 Dec 2020 Fatal Futures: Prophecy and Its Narrative Function in Middle High German Literature around 1200
Lea Braun (Medieval German Literature; Humboldt University of Berlin)
12 Jan 2021 Self-Knowledge as Religious Knowledge: Lottery Divination in Buddhist Temples in Contemporary China
Yang Shen (Cultural Anthropology; Max Planck Institute for the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity, Göttingen)
19 Jan 2021 Presentation of Two New Books
"Prognostication in the Medieval World – A Handbook" and "Mittelalterliche Rechtstexte und mantische Praktiken"
26 Jan 2021 On Eagles, Lions, and Things to Come: Prophecies in the Late Medieval Holy Roman Empire
Manuel Kamenzin (History of the Middle Ages; Ruhr University Bochum; IKGF Visiting Fellow)

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2 Feb 2021 Reorganizing the Knowledge of the Future: Local State Divination (yinyang) Schools in Yuan China (1271-1368)
Qiao Yang (History of Asia; Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, Berlin)

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