Deutschlandfunk December 2017

Fate and Religion: The Dark Power

Interview with IKGF Director Prof. Dr. Michael Lackner

IKGF Director, Professor Michael Lackner, was interviewed for this radio documentary on fate and religion by Deutschlandfunk Kultur (German language only).

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Newsportal of the Friedrich-Alexander-University December 2017

The End of Time: Then and Now

Interview with IKGF Fellow Dr. Hans-Christian Lehner and Dr. Jörn Thielmann

Hans-Christian Lehner and Jörn Thielmann are talking about the notions of the end of time in Christianity and Islam from the Middle Ages until today and also about the forthcoming IKGF conference "End(s) of Time(s)".

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Newsportal of the Cluster of Excellence "Politics and Religion" at the University of Münster September 2017

Prognostication Techniques in the Byzantine Empire

Interview with IKGF Fellow Prof. Dr. Michael Grünbart

Prof. Dr. Michael Grünbart talks about his IKGF research project on prognostication at the Byzantine court for the newsportal of the cluster of excellence "Politics and Religion" at the University of Münster.

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Erlanger Nachrichten March 4, 2017

"China will have a stronger voice in future global policy"

Interview with Prof. Dr. Michael Lackner (German language)

"On occasion of being awarded the Tsungming Tu award, the local newspaper Erlanger Nachrichten published an interview with Prof. Lackner (in German) on significant developments in the field in general and in the Erlangen Sinology in particular. Prof. Lackner also introduced the IKGF research topics, as well as the new elite MA program that will start in Fall. "

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