Prof. Dr. Zhenhe Zhou

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Internationales Kolleg für Geisteswissenschaftliche Forschung "Schicksal, Freiheit und Prognose. Bewältigungsstrategien in Ostasien und Europa"
Hartmannstr. 14
91052 Erlangen

Chinese personal name: 周振鹤

Home Institution: Fudan University (China)

IKGF Visiting Fellow February 2012 - April 2012

(Last change of profile by end of stay)

IKGF Research Project:

Research on the idea of "verification" (应验 yingyan) in the "Records of the Five Phases" (五行志 wuxing zhi) of the Chinese Standard Histories


Curriculum Vitae

Education / 学历

1958 - 1963 B.A. in Mining at the Department of Mining and Metallurgy (矿冶系采矿), Xiamen University 厦门大学 and Fuzhou University 福州大学
1978 - 1981 M.A. in Historical Geography (历史地理研究所), Fudan University 复旦大学, thesis: Researches on the Vicissitudes of the Fiefs of the Princes during the Western Han Dynasty (orig: 对西汉诸侯封地变迁的研究)
1981 - 1983 Ph.D. in Historical Geography (历史地理研究所), Fudan University 复旦大学; thesis: Administrative Geography during the Western Han Dynasty (orig: 西汉的行政地理) (Ph.D. Dissertation)

Professional Positions / 毕业论文

10.1983 - 9.1985 Lecturer, Institute of Historical Geography, Fudan University
9.1985 - 5. 1993 Associate Professor, Institute of Historical Geography, Fudan University
5.1993 - 2008 Professor of History, Institute of Historical Geography, Fudan University
2008 - Distinguished Senior Professor, Fudan University

Research Interests / 研究领域

  • Cultural and Administrative Geography 文化及行政地理
  • History on Sino-foreign cultural relationship 中外文化关系史

Teaching Experience / 授课经历

Since 1983 teaching at the Institute of Historical Geography, Fudan University

  • Introduction of Chinese historical Geography
  • Political Geography of Ancient China
  • Cultural Geography of Ancient China

Memberships in Professional Organizations / 学会成员

  • Member of the National Planning Office for the Collation and Publishing of Ancient Chinese Books
  • Deputy Secretary-general and Member of the Council of Administrative Divisions of China
  • Member of the council of Overseas Communications History of China
  • Member of the Association for Linguistics of China
  • Member of the Association of History of China
  • Member of the Association of Geography of China

Fellowships / 国外学术经历

1986 Visiting Scholar of Australian National University
1991 Research Fellowship of Ibaraki University of Japan
1993 Research Fellowship of Toyo Library, Japan
1994 Research Fellowship of Ibaraki University of Japan
1998 Visiting Professor of Göttingen University, Germany
1999 Visiting Professor of Waseda University, Japan
2000 Visiting Professor of Göttingen University, Germany
2002 Visiting Professor of Erlangen University, Germany
2008 Visiting Professor of Kansai University, Japan
2000, 2003, 2006,
2008, 2011
Visiting Professor of City University of Hong Kong

Selected Publications / 主要论著

Monographs 专著

  • 方言与中国文化 [Dialects and Culture of China] (co-author), Shanghai 1986, 2005.
  • 西汉政区地理 [Administrative Geography during the Western Han Dynasty], Beijing1987.
  • 体国经野之道 [The Way of Administrative Divisions ], Hong Kong 1990.
  • 中国历史文化区域研究 [Studies On Historical Cultural Divisions in China] (Chief editor), Shanghai 1997.
  • 逸言殊语 [Essays on the Relationship between Language and Culture],Hangzhou 1998; Shanghai 2008 (Enlarged Edition).
  • 中华文化通志 — 地方行政制度志 [Chinese culture Annals - local administrative system], Shanghai 1998. Republished as 中国地方行政制度 [History on Local Administrative System in China], Shanghai 2005.
  • 上海历史地图集 [Historical Atlas of Shanghai] (chief editor), Shanghai 1999.
  • 周振鹤自选集 [Selected Works of Zhou Zhenhe], Guilin 1999.
  • 学腊一十九 [Profession diverted for nineteen years] (an anthology in nineteen years), Jinan 2000.
  • 圣谕广训 — 集解与研究”[The Sacred Edict and Amplified: Collections of Explaining and Research], Shanghai 2004.
  • 晚清营业书目 [Collections of Business Booklist in Late Qing Times], Shanghai 2005.
  • 中国行政区划通史•总论 [Pandect on Comprehensive History of Administrative Divisions in China], Shanghai 2009.
  • 长水声闻 [Changshui shengwen] (an anthology in thirty years), Shanghai 2010.

Selected Papers 代表性论文

  • “秦汉宗教地理略说” [Studies on Religious Geography during Qin-Han Times], in 中国文化 [Culture of China] 1986:3.
  • “唐代安史之乱与北方人民的南迁” [An Lushan Shi Siming Armed Rebellion and the Consequent Moving Southward of the People in the North during Tang Dynasty], in 中华文史论丛 [CECLH] 1987: 2-3.
  • “中国古代撰写水经的传统” [The Tradition of Writing Shuijing (River Classics) in Ancient China], in 历史地理 [Historical Geography] 1990:8.
  • “现代汉语方言地理的历史背景” [Historical Background of Chinese Dialectal Geography], in 历史地理 [Historical Geography] 1990:9.
  • “Migrations in Chinese History and their Legacy on Chinese Dialects”, in Journal of Chinese Linguistics (in English) 1991:3.
  • “王士性地理学思想及其影响” [Wang Shixing's Geographical Ideas and Their Impact], in 地理学报 [Journal of Geography] 1992:1.
  • “从汉代“部”的概念来理解县乡亭里制度” [Research on Xian-Xiang-Ting-Li(县乡亭里) system from the Concept of ‘Bu(部)’] , in 历史研究 [Historical Study] 1995:5.
  • “别琴竹枝词百首笺释 — 洋泾浜英语研究之一” [Explanation on 100 Pieces of Pidgin Bamboo Pole Poetry], in 上海文化 [Shanghai Culture] 1995:3.
  • “客家源流异说” [A New Explanation to the Origin and development of Hakka], in 学术月刊 [Academic Monthly] 1996:3.
  • “十九二十世纪之际中日欧语言接触研究” [Language Contact between Chinese, Japanese and European Languages in Late Qing Times], in 传统与现代化 [Tradition and Modernization] 1996:3.
  • “《六合丛谈》综论” [Comprehensive Study on <Shanghai Serial>], in 中华文史论丛 [CECLH] 2000:3.
  • “《圣谕》、《圣谕广训》及其相关文化现象” [Cultural Phenomena Expressed from The Saint Sacred and Amplified], in 中华文史论丛 [CECLH] 2001:6.
  • “历史学:在科学与人文之间?” [Is History Located between Humanity and Science ?], in 复旦学报 [Fudan Journal] 2002:5.
  • “西洋古地图里的中国” [China in Ancient Maps of the West], in 九州学林 [Chinese Culture Quarterly] 2003:1.
  • “洋泾浜英语最早词汇集“ [The Earliest Vocabulary of the Pigeon English], in 广东社会科学 [Social Sciences in Guangdong] 2003:1.
  • “《二年律令·秩律》的历史地理意义” [Historical Geography Significance of Official Order Law in The Second Ritsury], in 学术月刊 [Academic Monthly] 2003:1.
  • “持渡书在中日书籍交流史上的意义” [Significance of Business Books Sold from Qing China to Japan], in 复旦学报 [Fudan Journal] 2007:3.
  • “朱子学与阳明学在晚明和朝鲜的交错影响” [Counterchange Impact of Zhuzi Doctrine and Yangming Doctrine between China and Korea in Late Ming Times], in 九州学林 [Chinese Culture Quarterly] 2008: Winter Number.
  • “中国古代五大都城定位的政治地理背景” [Background of Political Geography in the Locating of Five Ancient Capitals of China], in 华东师范大学学报 [Journal of East China Normal University] 2009:1.
  • “清代输往日本汉籍的初步研究” [Preliminary Study on the to Japan Exported Chinese Books in Qing Dynasty ], in 国际汉学研究通讯 [Newsletter for International Chinese Studies] 2011:3.