The video on Jinan

documents the two symposia held at Shandong University together with our cooperation partners on October 13, 2013, and the rich exchange that took place. It was obvious in Jinan that the cooperation between the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg and Shandong University had been developing over the last few years. A mutual familiarity with each other, including being informed about current academic issues, made it possible to plunge in medias res without formal preliminaries. The Department of Philosophy, its Dean being our former visiting fellow Prof. Fu Youde 傅有德, enjoyed the discussion with Prof. Alexandra Cuffel (Bochum) on the field of Jewish studies. As a Chinese indigenous tradition, studies on the Book of Changes are less dependent on internationality. The close cooperation between the two institutes led to the discovery of specific cultures of knowledge and their corresponding questions – a development that is deeply appreciated by both partners that opened mutual research branches in March 2013. ( See also IKGF-fate, issue 7).